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One of Feed Photographys unique selling points is that we are confident in the service we provide as photographers. So confident, that we teach it.

At one of our Beginners Classes you will learn to use all of the priority settings on your camera. This sounds scary to many new students that we have! However all finish the 5 week course comfortable with their cameras and joy at how much their photography has improved.

"I've been amazed at what these cameras can do, and Ben has taken a lot of time and trouble to explain step by step all of the function." - Chris H.

"Thank you so much Ben, really enjoyed the course" - Carol P.

The classes never have more than 10 students in; we do this so everyone gets one on one tutoring every lesson. If anyone is struggling we will always have time to help them to make sure they do not fall behind.

The classes are only as intense as you desire to make them. Tasks are set for pupils who wish to extend their learning and continue with it outside of the specific lesson, but is not compulsory for people who have other commitments.

We offer private tuition for pupils who prefer one on one tutoring or if they desire to cover a specialist subject e.g. wanting to learn to photograph their children or using flash lights.

For more information on any of the classes we provide please contact us.