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is something we pride ourselves in at Feed Photography. We go the extra length to capture all those details that could easily be missed without the experience. We really get to know our clients prior to even booking the special day, and if we cant cater for your needs perfectly, we would tell you and also advise you on the type of photographer you would need.


We like to meet our clients prior to taking the booking. This gives us a chance to get to know you and learn exactly what you want. Many clients have unique ideas how they want to celebrate their special day and we like to help capture it just how they want.


After we have spoken and got to know each other we like to introduce the clients to our cameras. This may sound silly but so many people are camera shy, have a favourite side or just get very self-conscious in front of a camera. This meeting gives us chance to get them comfortable, teach them it’s easy to smile and laugh and by doing so makes for beautiful photographs. Some of our clients like to bring their children others their pets, all are welcome and often we additional provide images of just the pets or children, if they also smile nicely.

The images produced from the Pre wedding meeting are given to the clients in advance of the wedding. Services we also provide are using the images for wedding invitations, order of services and guest message frames.


Every wedding day is just as important to us as it is to our clients. We want everything to go perfect and we do everything possible to help that. One of our photographers has often been referred to as the "unofficial extra bridesmaid" by many brides. This is exactly how we try to blend in on the day. We have studied many other wedding photographers styles and found that our smart, professional and friendly approach get us the best results every time.

Every wedding is a full day package. We stopped doing half day packages when we constantly got told "We wished we booked you for the full day". It starts with joining the bride and groom getting ready. We capture all the intricate parts that can often be overlooked; jewellery, perfume, cufflinks and many other personal bits.

We are with our clients all day and will even take them off for a quiet photography session, from experience we know this is often a favourite part of the day for clients because they get some "together" time away from the celebration to reflect on how amazing their day is going.